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Help Secure Rockwall County’s Quality of Life


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For years, Rockwall County was the bestkept secret in North Texas, not anymore. In the last 10 years nearly 40,000 people have moved here bringing new amenities and great jobs that have improved our quality of life. With this growth, we have seen our roads get more congested, leading to longer commutes, and delays to our first responders heading to emergencies. 


Proposition A will fund vital improvements to widen, resurface, and upgrade roads throughout our community to increase safety, reduce traffic, and divert crosscounty travelers away from our schools and neighborhoods.


In the last road bond voters approved, Rockwall County turned each local dollar into $8 of matching state and federal money, significantly increasing our return on investment without raising taxes. In fact, since 2015, they have lowered the tax rate by 21% and were recently awarded a “AA” rating by S&P Global for its “strong and stable conservative budgeting.” Rockwall County works hard to keep spending in check.

Vote For Prop A on November 2nd to keep our excellent quality of life in Rockwall County.

“Increasing traffic and substandard roads delay emergency services response times. Repairing

and expanding our road network increases the safety of our communities.”

Terry Garrett, Rockwall County Sheriff

“The funding provided by Prop A will enable us to improve and expand our roads, help alleviate traffic congestion, and support public safety–all without raising taxes.”

Tammy Dana-Bashian, Rowlett Mayor

“Nobody likes to sit in traffic. Especially our residents coming home to their families. For me, voting FOR Prop A is about bringing families together, faster and safer.”

Clay Ellis, Royse City Mayor

“Rockwall County is a model of fiscal reasonability. Since 2015, the County has lowered the county tax rate by 21% and was recently awarded a “AA” rating by S&P Global for its “strong and stable conservative budgeting.”

Kevin Fowler, Rockwall Mayor

“We have all experienced tremendous growth. This bond is important to help improve major roads in Fate, like FM 551 and Ben Payne Road.”

David Billings, Fate Mayor

“I know firsthand how expensive roads are. We should all be proud that in the past two road bonds voters approved, the County leveraged local funds to bring in an additional $1 Billion in state and federal matching funds without raising taxes.”

Jerry Hogan, former Rockwall County Judge